On October 18-20, Lviv will host the main gastronomic feast of autumn – the Xth Anniversary Cheese and Wine Festival.

The purpose of the holiday was to promote these products, gather experts from all over the country, and of course to introduce a new fun and delicious tradition.
The City Cheese and Wine Festival is a good opportunity to enjoy a wide variety of wines from different parts of the world, as well as to taste the most interesting types of cheese from France, Italy and other European countries. The fair will be held in the Potocki Palace and the courtyard of the Palace of Arts.

What combines Lviv with cheese and wine?

However, few today know that four centuries ago the climate in Lviv was so warm that the vineyards that grew on the southern slopes of the High Castle, Lychakiv, and then – on the hills of Kaiserwald, up to Vinnytsia, gave the Lviv more than a hundred barrels annually. fault. In addition, Lvivians enjoyed exquisite Italian, Spanish and Hungarian wines, as Lviv was a large shopping center.

There will also be unique photo sectors, game installations, a saber school and an unforgettable atmosphere throughout the festival. At the Cheese and Wine Festival last year, there is a good tradition of crunching the grapes with their feet, as they once did. From the squeezed juice make festival wine.
In addition to tasting a wide variety of cheeses and wines, the fair will have a lot to learn about cheese culture and folk production traditions.

“You can learn everything about cheese and wine consumption here!
Does anyone know or do not know what brie, camembert, saber, burgundy or rockfort is…
It doesn’t matter. This holiday is made for everyone! And for respected gourmets, and for people who only awakens the love for the most exquisite and, at the same time, the most democratic products in the world – cheese and wine! “- said the organizers.

Cheese and Wine Holidays Program in Lviv

Farm Products Fair.

Pictures of wine. Wonderful paintings can be drawn not only with paints, but also with wine. The rich shades of red, purple will inspire you to embody the boldest designs!
Winecorkart wine cork installation. Handmade jigsaw puzzle presentation. Presentation of collections of bags and unique cork dresses.
Specially for the holiday will be arranged an area where visitors will be able to relax in the atmosphere of the holiday with family and friends. A performance of the Polish band is also planned.

Wine Tastings

It is believed that connoisseurs can solve all the mysteries of wine after first glance at it. However, in practice, before making a final conclusion about a particular beverage, it is necessary to assess its quality, maturity, as well as aromatic and taste notes.
It is for this purpose that tastings are held at the festival, where professionals, beginners and fans can get acquainted with a variety of wines, and evaluate them by analyzing their own impressions.
This year, at Cheese and Wine Saints, you can once again enjoy wines at the exquisite tastings that will take place daily from October 18 to October 20 in the halls of the Potocki Palace..

Cheesecakes day

Lviv residents and city guests are invited for Cheese Day!
Visitors will be treated to a giant cheese curd, which will be prepared according to the traditional Lviv recipe!
“It will be very tasty, because the cheesecake will be cooked with great love,” the organizers added.

Location: Lviv, yard of Potocki Palace
Date: October 20, 2019

All this and more will create a unique holiday atmosphere where you can relax and spend time with your friends and family. You will have a good opportunity to take great photos and get lots of positive emotions!

Ukrainian writer, researcher of Lviv history Ilko Lemko emphasizes that if coffee and beer are the newest mythologists of Lviv, then cheesecake can actually be called an ancient symbol of Lviv. “Lviv wine was also well known in the Middle Ages.
In addition, Lviv was one of the largest wine trade centers in Europe at the time, ”Ilko Lemko said.

Meeting place for real gourmets – Cheese and wine festival in Lviv!

But if you do not visit Lviv, you can always enjoy a glass of exquisite wine and taste the real Lviv cheese at our restaurant.
So welcome to Nota Bene!