The festival will last from 3 to 11 August. This year’s theme – music and literature.

On the International Festival of Classical Music LvivMozArt, experimental works will be performed, as well as Ukrainian classics. Festival events will be held in 10 different locations.

It is in 2019 that there will be 300 anniversary of Leopold Mozart. The Pototsky Palace will show interesting documents, books and letters of Leopold – the father of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

Also on August 10 and 11, the festival invites the Lviv Opera and Philharmonic to be the most ambitious, but at the same time, most loyal audience within the framework of MozArtKids!

The audience will have an acquaintance with orchestra musicians and face-to-face instruments. As well as a program of your favorite tunes of the golden Viennese classics, fun tasks and cognitive wonders about Mozart’s life.

“Inspired by Mozart, who once changed Lviv, we are creating a new musical history, new formats and new traditions.”