Book Forum Lviv

This is perhaps the most important book event of the year, held in Lviv every September since 1994. The largest Ukrainian book forum and one of the most popular events of its kind in Eastern Europe.

Traditionally, small and large publishers come to Lviv every September to present various book news, organize readings and meetings with both Ukrainian and foreign writers and poets. And true book lovers will be able to buy brand new editions and immerse themselves in a true cultural atmosphere. During the festival, the city will become a literary carnival, as BookForum events cover more than 30 locations of the city.

The main theme of this year’s Forum is to find the participants, which was inspired by the poem by Hrytska Chubai of the same name. In addition, the year 2019 marks the 70th anniversary of his birthday.

26 BookForum includes 20 thematic clusters and special projects: Fiction: Romance, Fiction: Historical Literature, Poetry, Science Fiction, War, Politics, Freedom Territory: Media, Comics, Education, Creative Industries, Urban Studies, Women & Urban Studies , History, Science & Technology, Languages ​​& Translations, Philosophy, Health, Lifestyle, Live Scene.

Interesting meetings and shows:

Presentation of the book “Carpathian Trails. 80 Oleg Yamalov Routes in the Ukrainian Carpathians”
“Carpathian Trails. 80 Oleg Yamalov Routes in the Ukrainian Carpathians” is a detailed hiking guide in the Carpathian Mountains of western Ukraine. The book offers 80 routes, grouped in three regions of the Carpathians.
Location: Lviv, Mulyarskaya Street, 2а
Data: September 18,  11:00-11:45.

Autograph session with Yevgeny Klopotenko

Yevhen Klopotenko is a well-known Ukrainian cook, a graduate of Le Cordon Bleu Culinary School and founder of Confiture Gastronomy.
Fans of the famous chef will be able to take photos with their idol.
Location: Lviv, Mykola Kopernika Street, 17
Data: September 19, 13:00-13:45.

Showing the movie “Namir”

In Lviv, Lubeck Deresch fans will be shown the film adaptation of his eponymous novel “Intent”.
The film was made by “Babylon” with the support of the State Agency of Ukraine for Cinema.
Location: Lviv, Mykola Kopernika Street,  9
Data: September 19, 13:00 – 14:00.

Levinsky in the book and in exhibition projects

Ivan Levinsky is one of the most famous architects of the Habsburg Lviv, an entrepreneur, one of the largest employers of his time in the city. His firm has been involved in countless constructions and renovations throughout Lviv and the region. The year 2019 in Lviv became the year of Ivan Levinsky. This is a great project and a meeting.
Location: Porokhova Vezha
Data: September 19 , 14:00.

Bookforum Best Book Awards 

Marking the Best Publishers Forum Books
Location: Palace of Arts, conference hall
Data: September 19 , 19:00.

Famous Guests:

Arundati Roy is an Indian eco-feminist writer writing in English, an activist for social justice and economic inequality, an opponent of neoliberal globalization. She is the author of scripts and several essay collections. Winner of the 1997 Booker Prize for the novel “God of Little Things”.

Elchin Safarli is an Azerbaijani writer and journalist, winner of literary competitions. He is the author of the world bestseller Sweet Bosphorus Salt You will be able to meet him and sign books

Maryam Petrosyan is an Armenian writer who writes in the genre of magical realism and fantasy. She is the author of the world bestseller “The House in which …” He is among the top 10 opposition Russian-speaking writers.

The Publishers Forum in Lviv will also become the first cultural event to be attended by film director and writer Oleg Sentsov after his release. He presents in Lviv a book written in the lattice.

lso for the second year in a row, BookForum becomes a platform for acquaintance with the authors of the international platform Versopolis. This year he will be visited by poets Peru Sizprez (Spain), Paul-Henry Campbell (Germany) and Addis Basic (Bosnia and Herzegovina). For European authors, BookForum is an opportunity to enter a new publishing market and publish their books in Ukrainian.

The Book Forum in Lviv is an event that must be attended by all literature lovers and beyond. This is a place where you can relax, acquire new knowledge and acquire so many books that will be enough until next year.